I'm writing a resume using Latex and I would like to reduce the space between the line \name and the line `address`. How to do so ? Here is my code:

\documentclass{resume} % Use the custom resume.cls style

\usepackage[left=0.4 in,top=0.4in,right=0.4 in,bottom=0.4in]{geometry} % Document margins
\name{M\MakeLowercase{y}  N\MakeLowercase{ame}} % Your name
\address{address.} % Your address
\address{+XX... \\ myemail@email.com}  % Your phone number and email

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I used the Medium Length Professional CV as the source for resume.cls.

The gap between the name and the rest of the "title" is given by \nameskip, which defaults to \bigskip. Here are some sample changes:

  • Default (\newcommand{\nameskip}{\bigskip}):

    enter image description here

  • \renewcommand{\nameskip}{\medskip}:

    enter image description here

  • \renewcommand{\nameskip}{\smallskip}:

    enter image description here

  • \renewcommand{\nameskip}{} (no space):

    enter image description here

  • \renewcommand{\nameskip}{\vspace{5\baselineskip}} (large positive gap):

    enter image description here

Add your choice just before \begin{document}.

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    – Johannes_B
    Sep 19, 2016 at 19:46

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