I am writing a report on ShareLaTeX and when I use lstinputlisting it renders some of my minus signs but not all.

I include my listing with:

\lstinputlisting[label=script:theory,caption={Calculating the expected
proportion of the genome covered by N

in scripts/theory.R I have:

G <- 1000 L <- 50 theoretic_proportion_of_genome_covered =
function(N){   a= N*L/(G-L)   1−exp(−a) }

And it renders like this:

enter image description here

As you can see, the first minus sign shows just fine but the next ones don't. It also has some weird spacings.

I have the following lstset:

\lstset{    language=R,                       
basicstyle=\footnotesize\ttfamily, numbers=left,
numbersep=5pt, backgroundcolor=\color{white}, frame=single,           
captionpos=b,                        keywordstyle=\color{blue},
commentstyle=\color{green}     }

and my imports:


I already looked at the following pages but none of them relieved me:

  • Does the minus sign remain missing even at higher zoom levels?
    – Werner
    Sep 20 '16 at 17:00
  • 1
    The missing minus signs in scripts/theory.R are no minus signs but endashes. Compare - in the arrows and in (G-L) (which are the right characters) to in −exp(−a). The problem is the R code.
    – gernot
    Sep 20 '16 at 17:10

As gernot pointed out, I was using the dash-character "-"

I needed to use the minus character "-"

I did not even realize they were different


Using minus or dash characters did not work for me. But changing the font did. I added \lstset{basicstyle=\ttfamily} to the preamble and it worked fine.

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