I would like to ask you, how it is possible to scale size of opamp in my Circuitikz drawing. I try

  \ctikzset{tripoles/op amp/scale=0.5}

but unfortunately it does not work. I found only few examples in chapter 7.2 of the circuitikzmanual.


  \begin{circuitikz}[scale=1, every node/.style={scale=1}]
    \draw (0,0) node[op amp] (opamp) {};
    \node [left=0.1cm of opamp.-]       (p1) {};
    \node [left=0.1cm of opamp.+]       (p2) {};
    \node [above=0.8cm of p1]           (A)  {};
    \node [left=1.5cm of A]             (p3) {};
    \node [right=2.7cm of A, coordinate](C)  {};
    \node [right=0.8cm of C]            (p6) {};
    \node [below=0.8cm of p2]           (B)  {};
    \node [left=1.5cm of B]             (p4) {};
    \node [right=2.5cm of B]        (ground) {};
    \node [right=0.1cm of opamp.out, coordinate] (vo) {};
    %%% Draw connections
    \draw (p3) node[left] {$u_1$} to[R=$R_1$,o-] (A)  to[R=$R_2$,*-] (C); 
    \draw (opamp.-)   to[short] (p1) to[short] (A);
    \draw (opamp.out) to[short] (vo);
    \draw (vo) to[short,-*] (vo |- C); 
    \draw (p4) node[left] {$u_2$} to[R=$R_3$,o-] (B)  to[R=$R_4$,*-] (ground) node [sground] {};  
    \draw (opamp.+) to[short] (p2) to[short] (B); 
    \draw (C) to[short,-o] (p6) node[right] {$u_{0}$};
    \node[above] at (A) {A}; % text 
    \node[below] at (B) {B}; % text 

Use the scale at the node generation.

\node[op amp, scale = xx]
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    Welcome to TeX - LaTeX! It can be good to also add a complete small document showing the use in context and with an image of the output. Sep 21 '16 at 9:27

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