I am using IEEE bare_conf latex template and I want to write particular variable names or values such as the word "eqnarray" in figure below in the middle of a paragraph. snapshot from IEEEtran_HOWTO.pdf Are there standardized fonts, commands for this? I see that the IEEEtran_HOWTO guide itself is using different font for these kind of stuff but I can't figure out what produces that.


The font used here seems to be the standard LaTeX monospace/teletype font defined by \ttdefault. There are various ways to use it:

  1. Using a font switch {\ttfamily ...},
  2. using a font command \texttt{...}, or
  3. if you need to typeset special characters such as the backspace \ in LaTeX commands, there's \verb|...|.

Note that \verb doesn't use braces as delimiter but you are free to choose any character that doesn't appear in the text you want to set.

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