I am a newbie in Latex. My goal is to have the word "Chapter" in the title of any chapter, and the word "Appendix" in the title of appendix. I also want to add "Appendix" in TOC. However, using the following MWE from my university, I end up having "Appendix A" in TOC. How can I remove the letter "A" in TOC.





% Appendix setup



\chapter{blah blah}
This is a chapter

\chapter{blah blah}
this is appendix


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Changing the appendix to

\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\hspace{-1ex}. blah blah}
\chapter{blah blah}
this is appendix

does not modify the appendix itself, but changes the TOC topicture of TOC

The first added line produces the TOC entry; the second added line suppresses the one that was already there. You might want to fiddle slightly with the -1ex, which I think is a bit long.


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