How can I give the page numbers at the bottom a bit of space from the last sentence of each page? In amsart, the page numbers almost touch the last sentence.

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    if you mean more than the first page, you are doing something that you are not telling us. amsart places the page number in the running head on every page but the first. Sep 30, 2016 at 12:19

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You can decrease the \textheight length and increase the \footskip length in the same proportion. Doing so, the total height of the page will be unchanged. For example:






A useful package is showframe. It allows you to see the page layout.

  • This will remove a line of text from the text block for the entire article.
    – Werner
    Sep 30, 2016 at 6:17

You can redefine the firstpage page style and insert a vertical strut that is high enough to push down the page number as far as you want:

enter image description here



% Taken from the original definition in amsart.cls
  \def\@oddfoot{\normalfont\scriptsize \hfil\rule{0pt}{20pt}\thepage\hfil
  \let\@evenhead\@oddhead % in case an article starts on a left-hand page
\AtBeginDocument{\thispagestyle{firstpage}}% ...if you don't call \maketitle



\section{A section}



\maketitle issues \thispagestyle{firstpage}. However, if you're not using a title, you need to re-establish the page style at the start of the document (or somewhere on the first page). Hence the call to \AtBeginDocument{\thispagestyle{firstpage}}.


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