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I am a new LyX user and something strange is happening when I generate on my computer: the section numbering is not appearing on the titles.

I already checked the document settings ToC option and tried to change "manually" the \secnumdepth 3 LaTeX parameter to 5.

However, it look like it is specific to my computer (Ubuntu mate Xenial) because, on my friend's Mac, the numbering is working. The ToC is also working well.

I use the TeX template: thesis-template-latex.tex, the class dcsbook.cls with the style dcslib.sty from this page: http://www.cs.put.poznan.pl/csobaniec/software/latex/dcsgroup-classes.html

I suspect one of the Ubuntu LaTeX lib related packages that I installed while starting using LyX to be the origin of the problem.

Does anybody have any clue what the problem is?

section and subsection titles without numbering

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Checking other answers, I finally found it!

It was a bug in titlesec that wasn't uptodate (apparently it not the first time it's happening, the same kind of bug appeared on 2010, Section number is not getting printed ).

I hope it will help others anyway.

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