So I have some code which always gives a weird error, even when there is clearly not an error in the code.

The error it gives me is:

The style file: apalike.bst
Database file #1: Hoofdstukken/Bibliografie.bib
I was expecting a `,' or a `}'---line 58 of file Hoofdstukken/Bibliografie.bib
 : @article{boehm1988spiral,
(Error may have been on previous line)
I'm skipping whatever remains of this entry

So in my table of contents I am referring to a .bib file:


And in my .bib file is the following:

  title={Waterfall vs. {V}-Model vs. Agile: A comparative study on {SDLC},
  author={Balaji, S and Murugaiyan, M Sundararajan},
  journal={International Journal of Information Technology and Business Management},

@article{boehm1988spiral, \\line 58 here
  title={A spiral model of software development and enhancement},
  author={Boehm, Barry W},

I commented every single @article in my document but it does not make any difference ...

Now when I have an error in other code, it will give me the error of the .bib file, while the error is definitely not in the .bib file.

So why is it doing this? I am using the following \documentclass:

\documentclass[11 pt, twoside, openright, tikz]{report}

The error was detected in line 58, but its cause is before:

  title={Waterfall vs. {V}-Model vs. Agile: A comparative study on {SDLC},

The title value misses the closing curly brace at the end of the value:

  title={Waterfall vs. {V}-Model vs. Agile: A comparative study on {SDLC}},
  • wow... im so blind. This is indeed the answer – user3201911 Oct 1 '16 at 11:24

I had this error on Overleaf and it would not go away even if I deleted the text. Compiling a different file and then recompiling the .bib file made the error disappear.

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