Actually I’m working on some pascal documentation but I noticed that some features that need escapeinside option did not work well. Surprisingly, when I changed the language (to phyton or another) and all things are fine.

Here my MWE



% source: tcolorbox package (p. 16)
\newtcbox{\mybox}[1][red]{on line,
    arc=0pt,outer arc=0pt,colback=#1!10!white,colframe=#1!50!black,


% source: minted package (p. 22)
\noindent phyton code
def f(x):
    y = x?\colorbox{green}{**}?2
    y = x?\mybox[green]{**}?2
return y

\noindent pascal code
    a ?\colorbox{green}{:=}? b + c
    a ?\mybox[green]{:=}? b + c


The result is

enter image description here

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    The documentation of minted about escapeinside mentions that it is fragile with some Pygmentize lexers. – egreg Oct 3 '16 at 9:37

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