The following code

\movie[height = 0.6\textwidth, width = 0.8\textwidth, showcontrols]{}{koala.mp4}

embeds a video clip into PDF when compiled with pdfLaTeX. This video can be viewed with the Okular pdf viewer. The code, however, fails to compile with XeTeX or LuaLaTeX. How can I embed a video clip so that the code could be compiled with XeTeX/LuaLaTeX, with video shown in Okular? The video file for the MWE is uploaded here.

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    The canonical package is media9. The package you are using comes together with BEAMER. BEAMER's manual suggests that it works with dvips+ps2pdf and pdflatex. – Symbol 1 Oct 4 '16 at 3:17
  • I need a LuaLaTeX/XeTeX solution exactly for Beamer, where I'm preparing lectures in the Metropolis theme, which looks pretty ugly with the pdfLaTeX. Media 9, oth, embeds videos in such a way that can't be seen with either Okular or outdated Acroread we have in Linux. – Sapere aude Oct 4 '16 at 3:49

When using LuaLaTeX, loading the luatex85 package seems to work out fine.

LuaTeX v1.0.4
LaTeX beamer v3.41
luatex85 v2016/06/15
okular v0.26.1 with phonon-backend-vlc v0.9.0-2 under KDE Plasma 5 / Debian 9

  • I confirm it works with Okular 1.1 under KDE PLasma 5, apps 17.04, GStreamer backend 4.9, openSUSE TW, TeXLive 2017. Many thanks! – Sapere aude Aug 28 '17 at 9:48

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