When using the crop package with the frame option, SyncTeX' inverse search always seems to be a bit off.

Here is a MWE:


\usepackage[a4, center, frame]{crop}




Without the frame option, inverse search works normally but with it, inverse search always jumps to the \end{document} line.

There seems to be a duplicate which, unfortunately, does not have an answer.

Note: I removed most of the original question since it isn't relevant anymore now that I found a MWE.

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    How to you organise your source files? Do you break lines at 80 character or do you break lines at paragraph? If you have entire paragraph (let us say of 800 characters ~ 10 lines) without line break in the source, the backward search cannot be precise since 10 lines in the pdf correspond to the same line of the source file (a line of 800 characters). – Guido Oct 4 '16 at 9:19
  • @Guido: I break lines after every sentence. But I don't think this really matters because SyncTeX seems to be storing column information. – mtvec Oct 4 '16 at 10:24
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    I think you can try harder to make an MWE. See some suggestions here. E.g. you can cut off halves of document and see if the issue persists, remove packages and see if the issue persists, and then finally you can change/randomize all the words in your document so that the text is meaningless, but the issue is present. – ShreevatsaR Oct 7 '16 at 17:01
  • Is it editor specific? – cfr Oct 8 '16 at 4:06

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