How may I remove excessive white space at the top, between my address in top-left, and the Subject: line?

\KOMAoptions{fromalign=left, fromlogo=false, addrfield=false, backaddress=false, subject=titled}

\setkomavar{fromname}{My Name blah}
\setkomavar{signature}{blah blah}
\setkomavar{fromaddress}{blah blah\\blah blah}
\setkomavar{subject}{Reference: blah blah}

\opening{Dear Adam,}
blah blah
\closing{Yours Sincerely\\ \mbox{}}

You could adjust the pseudo-length refvpos to make the space before the subject line smaller. refvpos determines the vertical distance of the reference fields line from the top paper edge.

For example:


In addition to Stefan's answer: While you are not using the address field you may use the position of the address field to set up the position of the reference line or date:


And if

\KOMAoptions{fromalign=left, fromlogo=false, addrfield=false, backaddress=false, subject=titled}

and the changed position of the reference line or date should be the default of most of your letter, simply put it into a personal letter class option file:

\KOMAoptions{fromalign=left, fromlogo=false, addrfield=false, backaddress=false, subject=titled}

You may also add your settings of fromname etc. to this file. After this, you may use option Farrukh while loading scrlttr2, e.g.,


to use this saved settings.

Some people even want the date and the opening at the same vertical position. To do so, add

\@setplength{refaftervskip}{-\baselineskip}% or even more negative space

to the suggested code above.

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