- \profilepic{alice.jpeg}
- \cvname{Alice}
- \cvjobtitle{Advanture}
- \cvdate{26 November, 1865}
- \cvaddress{United Kingdom}
- \cvnumberphone{+880567632189}
- \cvsite{http://en.wikipedia.org}
- \cvmail{alice@gmail.com}

This code has been taken from Overleaf that works based on online. I would like to add two more lines in this code. Below the line showing phone number, I want to delete cv site, and want to add my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles links. And I want to show these two links in such a way that only my name will be shown in blue color and when anyone will click on my name, they will automatically visit my profiles. I also want at the left hand side of these links, their logo/icon (Facebook logo and LinkedIn logo) will be shown.

Please instruct me how I can do that. Thanks in advance.

  • This code is very far from general LaTeX code, which packages are being used? Please provide a minimal working example (MWE), without an MWE this question is unlikely to get an answer. – Dai Bowen Oct 6 '16 at 19:10
  • 2
    You should have mentioned that it is about the Twenty Seconds Curriculum Vitae in LaTex (sic!) template. – Henri Menke Oct 6 '16 at 19:23
  • Isn't it possible to get what I want? I know little about LaTeX. But I thought Overleaf is related to LaTeX, and all codes of Overleaf can be used in LaTeX. It would be wrong if I ask someone to write a code for me so that I can get what I want and that code will support in Overleaf, but I am helpless at this moment since I don't know anything about LaTeX. I request to the experts of this forum to help so that I can get rid from this problem. – user64814 Oct 6 '16 at 20:04
  • Overleaf is a LaTeX compiler, so code from Overleaf is indeed LaTeX code, the point I meant to make was that by default commands like \cvname aren't defined. The document you copied them from either has some lines which defines them or loads a class/package which defines them. This is why a minimal working example (MWE) is necessary. In this case it seems the information I was after was that this used the twentysecondcv class. Linking to the template would be sufficient. – Dai Bowen Oct 6 '16 at 20:34
  • Thanks again. Now I have understood what I should have done. It would be helpful if I would have mentioned that it is about Twenty Seconds Curriculum Vitae. But I can not realize it at the beginning. Please, pardon me for my mistake. Since you have already known about Twenty Seconds Curriculum Vitae, would it possible for you to provide what I want? If you have enough time, please do something for me. – user64814 Oct 6 '16 at 20:41

Try adding the following to the preamble (between \documentclass{twentysecondcv} and \begin{document})




\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
     \node [rectangle, fill=asidecolor, anchor=north, minimum width=9.90cm, minimum height=\paperheight+1cm] (box) at (-5cm,0.5cm){};

\begin{textblock}{6}(0.5, 0.2)
    \clip (600/2, 567/2) circle (567/2);

        \node[anchor=north west, inner sep=0pt, outer sep=0pt] at (0,0) {\includegraphics[width=\imagewidth]{\givenprofilepic}};


\begin{tabular}{p{0.5cm} @{\hskip 0.5cm}p{5cm}}
\ifthenelse{\equal{\givencvdate}{}}{}{\textsc{\Large\icon{\Info}} & \givencvdate\\}
\ifthenelse{\equal{\givencvaddress}{}}{}{\textsc{\Large\icon{\Letter}} & \givencvaddress\\}
\ifthenelse{\equal{\givennumberphone}{}}{}{\textsc{\Large\icon{\Telefon}} & \givennumberphone\\}
\ifthenelse{\equal{\givencvsite}{}}{}{\textsc{\Large\icon{\Mundus}} & \givencvsite}\\
\ifthenelse{\equal{\givenfacebook}{}}{}{\textsc{\large\icon{\faFacebook}} & \href{http://www.facebook.com/\givenfacebook }{\givencvname}\\}
\ifthenelse{\equal{\givenlinkedin}{}}{}{\textsc{\large\icon{\faLinkedin}} & \href{http://www.linkedin.com/in/\givenlinkedin }{\givencvname}\\}
\ifthenelse{\equal{\givencvmail}{}}{}{\textsc{\large\icon{@}} & \href{mailto:\givencvmail}{\givencvmail}}

\profilesection{About me}{3.2cm}

(*)[The skill scale is from 0 (Fundamental Awareness) to 6 (Expert).]


The fontawesome package is used for the facebook and linkedin logos. The original code for \makeprofile from twentysecondcv.cls is sourced from https://github.com/spagnuolocarmine/TwentySecondsCurriculumVitae-LaTex/

Two new commands \cvfacebook{foo} and \cvlinkedin{bar} are defined to make the facebook link point to www.facebook.com/foo and the linkedin link point to www.linkedin.com/in/bar.

The only changes within \renewcommand{\makeprofile} are that I added the two lines

\ifthenelse{\equal{\givenfacebook}{}}{}{\textsc{\large\icon{\faFacebook}} & \href{http://www.facebook.com/\givenfacebook }{\givencvname}\\}
\ifthenelse{\equal{\givenlinkedin}{}}{}{\textsc{\large\icon{\faLinkedin}} & \href{http://www.linkedin.com/in/\givenlinkedin }{\givencvname}\\}

The personal details on the left are then specified by

\profilepic{alice.jpeg} %path of profile pic
\cvname{Alice} %your name
\cvjobtitle{Adventurer}%your actual job position
\cvdate{26 November 1865}%date of birth
\cvaddress{United Kingdom}%address
\cvnumberphone{+39 0325658974}%telphone number
\cvsite{http://en.wikipedia.org}%personal site

These commands should be included in the body of the document. To remove any of these, just remove (or comment out using % at the beginning of the line) the appropriate command.

Image of CV

  • I think, the code I stated at the beginning of code needs to be deleted during compiling, and all the code you have written I will paste at that place. Am I right? – user64814 Oct 7 '16 at 1:40
  • One more question. Please tell me where I will write my name, cv date etc in your code. – user64814 Oct 7 '16 at 1:47
  • You may consider this line. ifthenelse{\equal{\givencvdate}{}}{}{\textsc{\Large\icon{\Info}} & \givencvdate\\}. In this line where will I put the date? – user64814 Oct 7 '16 at 1:50
  • @user64814 you should copy all of the large code block in my answer and paste it just under \documentclass{twentysecondcv}. Use \cvdate{26 November 1865} and the others as usual for the rest of the details. I tried to make a \cvfacebook command but that threw an error which I couldn't immediately debug and as the solution is a bit ugly I posted what would work, so for the moment you'll have to update \newcommand{\givenfacebook}{foo}. I'll have another go at getting a \cvfacebook macro working and ping you if I can improve on the answer. – Dai Bowen Oct 7 '16 at 8:57
  • 1
    Indeed, \cvfacebook{user64814} or \cvfacebook{blah} make the link points to www.facebook.com/user64814 or www.facebook.com/blah respectively. If the facebook link is www.facebook.com/person3 and you wish the text displayed in the cv to be person3 even if the CV name is John Smith then swap \ifthenelse{\equal{\givenfacebook}{}}{}{\textsc{\large\icon{\faFacebook}} & \href{http://www.facebook.com/\givenfacebook }{\givencvname}\\} with \ifthenelse{\equal{\givenfacebook}{}}{}{\textsc{\large\icon{\faFacebook}} & \href{http://www.facebook.com/\givenfacebook }{\givenfacebook}\\}. – Dai Bowen Oct 7 '16 at 19:54

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