Could you please help in the following issues with the algorithme package, the French version of algorithm?

  1. I wanted to number the lines; but the option linesnumbered does not work, like in algorithm.

  2. There is an extra space after the parenthesis (in the resulting code), which I tried to remove but it does not work.

Unfortunately, I could not use the algorithm package, I need my pseudo-code to be written in French.

Here is a MWE followed by the image of the result:

{\Type{Donnée x}{entier}}
    \IfThenElse{x mod 2 = 0}

Resulting pseudo-code:


You can use the following definitions made from algorithm2e to replicate your output for the unknown algorithme.sty:

enter image description here



\newcommand{\Mod}[1]{\ (\text{mod}\ #1)}% http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/137076/5764

\newcounter{fargs}% Count number of arguments per function
  \stepcounter{fargs}% A new argument
  \ifnum\value{fargs}=1 (\else, \fi% Separator between arguments
  {#1}: {\KwSty{#2}}}
\newcommand{\FOutput}[1]{\unskip\ifnum\value{fargs}>0)\fi: {\KwSty{#1}}}

\SetKwIF{Si}{SinonSi}{Sinon}% LaTeX macros
  {Si}{Alors}{Sinon Si}{Sinon}{Fin Si}% Text set

\renewcommand{\ProgSty}[1]{{\textnormal #1}\unskip}
\renewcommand{\ArgSty}[1]{{\textnormal #1}\unskip}
\SetAlgorithmName{Algorithme}{Liste des Algorithmes}


  %\caption{Some algorithm}
  \Fonction{\FName{Pair} \FInput{Donnée x}{entier} \FInput{Donnée y}{entier} \FOutput{booléen}}
    \eSi{\mbox{$x \Mod{2} = 0$}}{


If you truly want a red styled algorithm, you can update the algorithme environment in the following way:



enter image description here

I made a slight change to the interface, which should be more intuitive.

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  • Thanks Werner it fits my needs. Also, the color tip works very well. – Amer Draa Oct 12 '16 at 13:19

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