I would like to draw the following picture using pstricks:

Magnetic field of a coil

Therefore, I used a plane and a helix. But I want the part of the helix above the plane to be drawn darker than the part below the plane. I'm just getting this:

enter image description here

No difference between above and below the plane. It should look like this, drawn with GeoGebra:

enter image description here

Here's my code. Can somebody help?


\psset{lightsrc=10 -20 50,viewpoint=50 20 20 rtp2xyz,Decran=50}

\psSolid[action=none,object=courbe,r=0,range=0 -10 Pi mul,linecolor=blue,linewidth=0.1,resolution=720,function=helice,name=A1]

\psSolid[action=none,object=new,fillcolor=red,incolor=blue,sommets=-10 -2 0 -10 2 0  2 2 0  2 -2 0,faces={[0 3 2 1]},opacity=0.2,name=B1]

\psSolid[action=draw*,object=fusion,base=A1 B1,opacity=0.5]

  • have a look at the package pst-magneticfield – user2478 Oct 9 '16 at 20:14

To draw the helix I propose this code:

    \psset{lightsrc=50 20 70 rtp2xyz,viewpoint=50 10 15 rtp2xyz,Decran=50}
    \psSolid[action=none,object=courbe,r=0.02,range=-10 Pi mul 0,function=helice,
            plansepare={[0 0 1 0]},name=solenoid]
             args={[0 0 1 0]},base=-11 1 -3 3,planmarks,showBase]
    \psProjection[object=cercle,args=\i\space Pi 2 div mul 3 div \I\space sin 0.1,range=0 360]}%


For field lines of a solenoid, have a look at the package pst-magneticfield.

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