Similar to this question, I'd like to show the collaboration field (as provided by e.g. inspire) in the citations using biblatex. In contrast to the linked question, I want to use biber, so cannot use the bibtex styles provided by arxiv (or in house bst styles).

How can I instruct biblatex with biber to show

<collaboration>, <author> "<title>" ...

I do not want to edit the .bib file to replace collaboration by authortype (as my .bib files are updated centrally for me and many colleagues for our in house bst style file).

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Similar to this link, I achieve this with the following code after \usepackage[...]{biblatex}.

    \step[fieldsource=Collaboration, final=true]
    \step[fieldset=usera, origfieldval, final=true]

    \printfield{usera}, \printnames{author}%

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