I have a collection of points and I want use tikz package to connect them by using the \foreach command to scan all the data. But I failed :( Here is a mwe

  \foreach \mx/\my/\mz in {(1,1)/(2,2)/(3,3)}{
    \draw \my--\my--\mz;

I wonder why I failed and how to solve it. Thanks.


You have to hide the commas from the TikZ parser otherwise it thinks that the array is (1,1)/(2,2)/(3,3). Also you are missing the closing brace of the body of the loop.

\foreach \mx/\my/\mz in {{(1,1)}/{(2,2)}/{(3,3)}}{\draw \my--\my--\mz;}

should work. Note that your loop is spinning only once.

  • It works. Thanks for your answer and notes :) – Ice0cean Oct 10 '16 at 14:34

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