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I have the following \input{mytable.tex} in my thesis document.

%% LaTeX2e file `mytable.tex'
%% generated by the `filecontents' environment
%% from source `thesiss' on 2016/10/11.
 $\mu \in X$& Condition applied on $\delta_{\mu}$  & Implication upon lifting \\ \hline
$-4$ & $\bigg(\dfrac{13\cdot1789}{q}=-1\bigg)$  & $n \not\equiv k-4 \pmod{2k}$  \\ \hline
$-3$ & $\bigg(\dfrac{5\cdot29}{q}=-1\bigg)$  & $n \not\equiv k-3 \pmod{2k}$  \\ \hline
 $-2$ & - & - \\ \hline
$-1$ & $\bigg(\dfrac{5\cdot29}{q}=-1\bigg)$  & $n \not\equiv k-1 \pmod{2k}$  \\ \hline
$0$ & $\bigg(\dfrac{2}{q}=-1\bigg)$  & $n \not\equiv k \pmod{2k}$  \\ \hline
$3$ & $\bigg(\dfrac{5333\cdot97324757}{q}=-1\bigg)$  & $n \not\equiv k+3 \pmod{2k}$  \\ \hline
\caption{Conditions following from pushing up modulus.\label{condition}}

and in my thesis :

\noindent Thus, the four conditions in the table above given by $\bigg(\dfrac{\delta_\mu}{q}\bigg)=-1$, with $\delta_\mu=\{2, 5 \cdot 29, 13 \cdot 1789, 5333 \cdot 97324757\}$  implies that $n \not\equiv k+\mu \pmod{2k}$. \qed

\input{mytable.tex} \qed

And this table appears not at the right position where I have placed it in my thesis. Is there anything that can fix it. For example, maybe I can use something like \begin{XXX}[htpb!]

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