Can you provide a bibtex-template for citing Springer's "Encyclopedia of Mathematics" that can be used in scientific articles?


I would recommend referring to the specific pages of the Encyclopedia you got your Information from but in general something like this might work:

author = {{Springer Verlag GmbH, European Mathematical Society}},
title = {{Encyclopedia of Mathematics}},
howpublished = {Website},
note = {URL: \url{https://www.encyclopediaofmath.org/}. Accessed on 2016-10-11}

An alternative based on the imperfect analogue of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. It uses the Cauchy inequality as an example.

author       =  {{European Mathematical Society}},
title        = {{Cauchy inequality}},
booktitle    =  {{Encyclopedia of Mathematics}},
howpublished =  {\url{http://encyclopediaofmath.org/index.php?title=Cauchy_inequality\&oldid=28864}},
month        = feb,
year         =  {2021},
publisher    =  {EMS Press}


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