I would like to change format of URLDATE attribute.

Currently, this is what I have:

(Accessed: 11/10/2016)

I would like to have it like this:

(Accessed: 11 November 2016)

How is it possible to do?

I have searched over off. guidance of the biblatex - http://ctan.mirrors.hoobly.com/macros/latex/exptl/biblatex/doc/biblatex.pdf, however none of the parameters below have helped me.

<datetype>date=year, short, long, terse, comp, ymd, edtf default: comp Similar to the date option but controls the format of the <datetype>date field in the datamodel

I mean, yeah, long give me something like (Accessed: Nov. 10, 2016), but this is not exactly, what I want. It would be nice to change month and day and make month display as the full name (eg. November).

Btw, forcing to use specific date, such as urldate = {{date}} does not work. Give me an error and accesses label is not even displayed in the reference.

P.s. I use Sharelatex


Change Nov. 10, 2016 to November 10, 2016 by entering the following parameter: dateabbrev=false.

Next change \usepackage[english]{babel} to \usepackage[british,english]{babel} this will change month and day in places

and then use the following:

\DeclareFieldFormat{urldate}{% (Accessed: \thefield{urlday}\addspace% \mkbibmonth{\thefield{urlmonth}}\addspace% \thefield{urlyear}\isdot)}

to specify any custom layout of accessed date.

Source of prev. code: from this post https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/194594/112462

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