In a completely fresh and updated installation of MikTeX (minted v2.4 and xkeyval v2.7a) I run into a problem using the numberblanklines argument. I guess it is version issue because in an older version I do not have this problem/error. The error message is:

    Package xkeyval Error: numberblanklines undefined.

You can try it using the following MWE:


    {function h()
    # Type 'h cmd' instead of 'cmd --help'

    echo "--help" | xargs $1

Any ideas how to fix that?


Thanks so much David :-)

Because links might get broken I post the solution that is working as of now (until the new minted version is released):

  1. Download minted.sty from here
  2. Put minted.sty in your project/the folder where your document is
  3. Compile and be pleased that it works :-)

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