I have a .bib library which I usually view in Jabref. Alternatively I can open it as a text file and the references are provided in the following format:

  Title                    = {Music, physics and engineering},
  Author                   = {Olson, Harry Ferdinand},
  Publisher                = {Courier Dover Publications},
  Year                     = {1967},
  Volume                   = {1769}

For a journal submission I need the references in the following format:

  \bibinfo{author}{Feynman, R.~P.} 
  \bibinfo{title}{Positrons are electrons traveling backwards in time}, 
  \bibinfo{journal}{Phys.\ Rev.} \textbf{\bibinfo{volume}{94}},

They don't accept a .bib library with submission.

Does anyone know a way to get my references in to the required format (other than manually)?


Compile the document and run BibTeX as usual. Then open the .bbl file and copy the entries into your document, removing the \bibliography and \bibliographystyle commands at this stage.

  • Thanks! That was easier than I thought - really glad I asked. – lily23 Oct 14 '16 at 2:23

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