I have a question about the list of acronyms. I am using the glossaries package and create my acronyms using:

\newacronym{Repo}{Repo}{Repurchase Agreement}

For this example, I would like to have Repo starting with a capital letter in the List of Acronyms, but with a small letter in the text.

Kind regards Jannik

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The simplest method is to use the extension package glossaries-extra and use the category attributes glossname (for the display of the name field in the glossary) and, optionally, glossdesc (for the display of the description field in the glossary):





\newacronym{Repo}{repo}{repurchase agreement}


First use: \gls{Repo}. 

Next use: \gls{Repo}.

Explicitly case-change: \Gls{Repo}.



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Since \newacronym automatically sets the category to acronym, this modification will affect any entries defined with \newacronym but not any entries that are defined using other commands, such as \newabbreviation or \newglossaryentry (unless the category is set explicitly).

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