I would like to create a bbl file using Bibulous that consists of bibitem's separated by a line-break. I particular I'd like to have something of the form

Doe, J. {paper1} ...

Doe, J. {paper2} ...

(notice the extra space). Is there a way to implement this using Bibulous? This extra space is required when using the bibentry package.

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The hack for doing this is to change a line of code inside Bibulous, within the write_bblfile() function, from

filehandle.write((s + '\n').encode('utf-8'))


filehandle.write((s + '\n\n').encode('utf-8'))

This will add an extra newline after each entry. A better solution is not to need a hack in the first place, and I will get this change into the Bibulous code repository.

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    As of 2016-Dec-19, this double newline behavior is actually standard for Bibulous. The most recent version of bibulous.py includes the above "hack".
    – nzh
    Commented Dec 22, 2016 at 3:40

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