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I'm using apa.cls (in doc-mode) in conjunction with biblatex. The apa.cls prints a header for me on every page, except for when biblatex prints the bibliography. At this point, is seems like biblatex takes over and creates a different heading which says "REFERENCES".

I would like to have exactly the same header for the references as for the rest of the paper. In this thread (the same one which is linked to above), Gonzalo Medina suggested a solution using \fancyhdr and emulating the header of the apa.cls. However, this seems to run into all kinds of troubles. It is hard to get the exact fontsize, thickness of the text, placement et cetera correct. For example, apa.cls puts the header text in the middle but nudges it a couple of pixels back and forth depending on if it's written on an even or odd page (see original thread for more problems).

For consistency, I could just use \fancyhdr to redefine the header for the whole document but I'd like to use the header that apa.cls specifies (style-wise, it goes well with the main text). So, is there anyway for me to do this?

Minimal (non)working example:

\documentclass[noapacite, twoside, doc]{apa}

\title{This is the Title}
\rightheader{this is the header}



  author = {Megalomanius, M.},
  year = {1900},
  title = {Why I am so great}},



This is the first page.
This is the second page.

This generates the following output (the positioning nudge isn't obvious in these screenshot since they're not lined up):

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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after having loaded biblatex and then


The default heading used by biblatex calls \section*{\refname} and \markright{\refname}. So the trick of defining a new header is what you're looking for.

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