Latex-Suite lets me autocomplete keys in \cite{} (and other similar commands like \parencite{} ou \citet{}) with F9. This is useful, but I'm using the csquotes package which offers commands like \blockcquote[][]{}[]{}.

I've written macros in my tex.vim file for many of these commands. They are working nicely, but I would like to be able to use the autocomplete function for some of them using citation keys to act like the \cite{} command. For now, the blockcquote macro for example looks like this :

 :call IMAP('blockcquote', '\blockcquote[<+prenote+>][<+postnote+>]{<+key+>}[<+punct+>]{<+text+>}<++>', 'tex')

Is this possible or does a workaround exist?

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