I updated to El Capitan some time ago. My TeX installation works fine, but there is a problem: When I run latex from inside TeXShop, it does not see the TEXINPUTS environment variable. When I run pdflatex from the Terminal, everything works correctly. (So this is not about changed paths to the executables, access to /usr/bin or /Library, etc.)

The root of the problem is that on OS X, applications launched from the GUI (Launchpad) do not inherit from any shell that reads my startup files. Prior to the upgrade, I could set TEXINPUTS with the command launchctl setenv TEXINPUTS path:path:more-path::. But this has stopped working: launchctl tells me it set the variable, but it does not get passed to child processes. Does anyone know how we're supposed to do this on El Capitan?

  • There is no need to set TEXINPUTS if you installed TeX Live via MacTeX. Your personal tree will start at ~/Library/texmf. – Herb Schulz Oct 26 '16 at 20:23
  • Let me add that you can add symbolic links to ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex of directories which contain your personal files. – Herb Schulz Oct 26 '16 at 21:10
  • Symlinking ~/Library/texmf to the true location (there's more than latex files in TEXINPUTS!) sounds like a tolerable work-around, thanks. But what if I have multiple locations on TEXINPUTS? (Fortunately I don't on this computer.) – alexis Oct 26 '16 at 21:34
  • Symlink each folder into ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex. – Herb Schulz Oct 27 '16 at 0:40
  • Not everything in texmf is a latex style. – alexis Oct 27 '16 at 11:03

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