In reviewing my document I found errors in capitalization of some acronyms in titles of references (dc or Dc instead of DC, etc). When I corrected the .bib file, changes were not reflected in the output. If I make more substantive changes (adding/removing words) they are reflected.

I am using BibTeX, MikTeX, and TeXstudio with:


to set up the document class.

And this call for building the bibliography:


Here's an example reference entry in ref.bib:

  title={DC, come home: DC microgrids and the birth of the `enernet'},
  author={Patterson, Brian T},
  journal={IEEE Power and Energy Magazine},

And the output:

enter image description here

As others with similar problems attempted, I deleted all temp files (aux, bbl, blg, log, and gz) then compiled twice - but this didn't work.

  • Did you try writing {DC}? – Bernard Oct 27 '16 at 0:23

You can either enclose the full title in double curly braces:

title={{DC, come home: DC microgrids and the birth of the `enernet'}},

or put them around the individual letters you want to have capitalised:

title={{DC}, come home: {DC} microgrids and the birth of the `enernet'},
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