I'm using a Long Lined Cover Letter LaTeX Template Version 1.0 (1/6/13):



Main body of the letter


It turns out that the first page bottom looks like:

enter image description here

and the second page top looks like:

enter image description here

Is there any way to make it look better?

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I'd avoid using the newlfm document class, despite the fact that there is a template set up to use it. You can recreate the layout of the letter using the default article class:

enter image description here



\usepackage{lipsum}% Just for this example

\setlength{\parskip}{.5\baselineskip plus 2pt minus 2pt}


%\thispagestyle{empty}% First page has no header/footer



\vspace{20pt}% dateskipbefore

\begin{tabular}{ l @{} }
  \today \\\\%[36pt]% dateskipafter
  123 Broadway \\
  City, State 12345 \\
  Phone: (000) 111-1111 \\
  Email: john@smith.com

\vspace{18pt}% addrtoskipafter + addrfromskipbefore

\begin{tabular}{ @{} l }
  Mrs.\ Jane Smith \\
  Recruitment Officer \\
  The Corporation \\
  123 Pleasant Lane \\
  City, State 12345


Dear Mrs.\ Smith,

\vspace{18pt}% greettoskipafter


\vspace{12pt}% sigskipbefore

Sincerely yours,

\vspace{\dimexpr 12pt+72pt}% sigskipafter + sigskip

John Smith


Other header/footer content can be added using fancyhdr, if needed.

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