I am searching a way to highlight in a particular way a text in latex. I know already the existence of the command \hl; however, it does not provide the result that I want.

Actually, I would like to add a vertical tick grey line on the left of a given paragraph. As I cannot go beyond the authorized margin of the document, the line should move somehow the text in the paragraph slightly on the right.

Do you know how to do that?

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An alternative answer, making boxes breakable accross pages

\usepackage{tcolorbox,tikz, lipsum}
\begin{tcolorbox}[breakable, enhanced,colback=yellow!10!white,boxrule=0pt,frame hidden,
borderline west={1mm}{-2mm}{black}]

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You also can use the leftbarenvironment from the framed package. It can break across pages. Here is an example, with a customised environment:

\usepackage{framed} %
\usepackage[table, svgnames]{xcolor}
\usepackage{lipsum} %

\def\FrameCommand{{\color{barcolour}\vrule width 4pt} \hspace{0.25em}}%{\dimexpr\parindent-3pt-\fontdimen2\font \relax}
\MakeFramed {\advance\hsize-\width \FrameRestore}\noindent\hspace{-\fontdimen2\font}}%




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Please find mdframed based reply. Advantage of this is if paragraph is longer, then page breaks are smooth. This is given as a reply to some question in this forum.


\usepackage{mdframed} % Add easy frames to paragraphs
\usepackage{lipsum} % For dummy text
\usepackage{xparse} % Add support for \NewDocumentEnvironment
\definecolor{graylight}{cmyk}{.30,0,0,.67} % define color using xcolor syntax

\newmdenv[ % Define mdframe settings and store as leftrule

\NewDocumentEnvironment{parahigh}{O{{}}} % Define example environment



This approach cannot break across a page boundary.





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