I'm looking for a relatively easy converter for tex to docx format (unfortunately I have a supervisor who insists on a word version).

I can get a fairly decent conversion using pandoc pandoc --bibliography references.bib --csl=chicago-note-bibliography.csl -o OUT.docx IN.tex, however, I notice it ignores commands like \citetitle and \citeauthor. This makes the word version look like it is full of typos.

Is there a way to use native biblatex with pandoc so that commands are interpreted properly using the style defined in the document? Alternatively, is there a better tool for creating word documents from tex? I don't care how ugly it looks as it is just for my supervisor. As long as the typos are mine and not the converters I am happy.

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Pandoc supports only a subset of biblatex cite commands (this is a known issue, cf. https://github.com/jgm/pandoc/issues/2335).


  • \autocite
  • \autocite*
  • \cite
  • \parencite
  • \Parencite
  • \footcite
  • \footcitetext
  • \textcite
  • \Textcite
  • \smartcite
  • \Smartcite
  • \citeyear


  • \Cite
  • \fullcite
  • \footfullcite
  • \Citeauthor
  • \citetitle

How the output is rendered depends on the csl file you are using.

There are two general approaches how you can solve your problem:

  1. Rewrite all unsupported citations using the supported commands and/or manual additions.
  2. Leave everything as it is and convert the PDF to DOCX which can be done with Adobe Acrobat, Abiword, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice.

It would be easier if you provided a MWE. Based on the info provided the solution might be to edit your source tex to use \cite{author} instead of \citetitle or \citeauthor.

Here is a MWE:

\section{Lorem Ipsum}\label{lorem-ipsum}

``Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet \cite{ref-chou2003interactivity}, consectetur, adipisci velit\ldots{}''


Chou, Chien. 2003. ``Interactivity and Interactive Functions in
Web-Based Learning Systems: A Technical Framework for Designers.''
\emph{British Journal of Educational Technology} 34 (3). Wiley Online
Library: 265--79.

And render with pandoc document.tex -f latex -t docx -o document.docx

Hope this helps.

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