I'm using the Extensions -> Render -> LaTeX functionality in Inkscape to embed LaTeX font in my Inkscape svg document and I'd like to be able to control the font size. I've seen one solution for doing so, but this is only for an equation and doesn't work with mixed input. If I wanted to embed mix equations with text, e.g. instead of just $x+y=4$ I'd like to write "The equation is $x+y=4$," how do I control the font size of both the text and the equation?


People may find this interesting as well:


It's an Inkscape extension similar to Tex Text, with the difference that TK or PyGtk are not required.


The textext extension lets you call LaTeX from within Inkscape and insert its output back into your inkscape document. It also lets you define a custom preamble that will be used every time you compile a LaTeX code snippet. You can massage the preamble -- say, by saying \footnotesize or \Large\sffamily -- so as to match the appearance of the fonts you use within Inkscape directly.

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