I have a single .csv data file, with contents alike this:

Time, Value 
0, 7.130000000000109
0, 7.634999999999309
0, 6.040000000000873
1, 5.5900000000001455
1, 6.0649999999996
1, 6.204999999999018
n, 5...
n, 6...
n, 7...

And I'm trying to plot a grouped bar-chart of this data, such that all the y-values (Value) with the same x-value (Time) are grouped.

Thus far I'm plotting using this:

\addplot table [y=Value] {\datafile};

But the result is overlapping bars (rather than the bars being grouped next to one another). Overlapping Bar Charts


Figured my data was regular; m readings for each unique Time value, so I ended up doing this:

\foreach \n in {1,...,m} {
    \addplot+[each nth point=10, filter discard warning=false,
              unbounded coords=discard, color={blue}]
        table [y index = 1,skip first n={\n}] {\datafile};

It's not exactly a pleasing solution, but it does seem to be working somewhat:

Overlapping fixed somewhat

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