I want to use the csvsimple package to turn a CSV file into a set of paragraphs, using the value of column 1 as a subsubsection header.

I can't see from the documentation any way to do an action only on first occurrence of a value. Is this possible with csvsimple?

US,Dept of Justice,Washington DC,123-456/7890
US,Dept of Education,Seattle WA,234-567/8910
UK,Minitrue,London WC,123 456 7890
UK,Miniluv,London EC,234 567 8910

This should generate something like:

Dept of Justice: Washington DC\\Phone 123-456/7890\par
Dept of Education: Seattle WA\\Phone 234-567/8910\par
Minitrue: London WC\\Phone 123 456 7890\par
Miniluv: London EC\\Phone 234 567 8910\par

Is this possible? I was hoping to avoid the complexity of the datatool package, wonderful though it is.

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When processing the data you can test whether \COUNTRY has changed, e.g. with the ifthen package. address.csv is your sample data.

   \INST: \ADDR\\Phone \PHONE\par

\parskip3pt plus1pt minus 1pt

\csvreader[head to column names]{address.csv}{}{\doaddress}

results in

enter image description here

  • Indeed I can; many thanks for the example. This mechanism would be a good enhancement... Oct 31, 2016 at 15:54

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