Hello I am using a template called: Radboud University Beamer(Version1), https://www.sharelatex.com/templates/presentations, I am customizing it a little.

Since I want to use an image at the first slide I changed the background, however in order to make visible the text inside I changed the default behavior of beam for this as follows:


The problem with this is that the image is not visible I would like to use not a solid color instead a semi transparent color, so I would like to appreciate advices to get this,

there is a question related with this:

How to make a block transparent for a background image

And I tried with this approach as follows:

\addtobeamertemplate{block begin}{\pgfsetfillopacity{0.8}}{\pgfsetfillopacity{1}}
 \addtobeamertemplate{block alerted begin}{\pgfsetfillopacity{0.9}}{\pgfsetfillopacity{1}}
 \addtobeamertemplate{block example begin}{\pgfsetfillopacity{0.9}}{\pgfsetfillopacity{1}}

Using a template, I failed since this is only changing the behavior of the blocks, not parts such as \author, \subtitle, \title, that are just macros to store the information, not to use them I would like to appreciate any help to overcome this situation, thanks any how.


You have to use the code where the information of title, author etc are inserted in the document, in this case the title page.



\addtobeamertemplate{title page}{\pgfsetfillopacity{0.5}}{\pgfsetfillopacity{1}}


\setbeamercolor{title}{fg=white, bg=red}
\setbeamercolor{author}{fg=white, bg=red}
\setbeamercolor{date}{fg=white, bg=red}


enter image description here

  • Thanks this was what I wanted, finally I was able to customize this template as I wished.
    – neo33
    Nov 1 '16 at 19:58

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