I recently made all my figures for pdflatex by using Inkscape’s pdf_tex-feature, which makes the figure fonts become nice etc.

But, afterwards, it turned out that the journal compiler did not handle these correctly.. :( How to convert?

  • Use the standalone class and convert the images separately. – Johannes_B Nov 2 '16 at 7:37
  • Ah, worked like a charm! – vindarmagnus Nov 2 '16 at 7:46

So I solved it myself, and want to store it here for archival purposes should this happen to anyone else searching for the solution.

On mac (or linux) create this bash-script and run it with the filename (without extension), eg: bash scriptfile imagefile if the imagefiles are named imagefile.pdf and imagefile.pdf_tex. This will create a nice file called imagefile_converted.pdf which will work in any journal.

Here follows the content of scriptfile above:

cat > $1_converted.tex << EOF

sed -i -e "s/changeme/$1/g" $1_converted.tex
pdflatex $1_converted.tex
rm $1_converted.aux $1_converted.log $1_converted.tex $1_converted.tex-e $1_converted.tex
open $1_converted.pdf

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