I write a maven plugin for latex. FOr glossaries I also want to support xindy besides the old fashioned makeindex. The problem is, that I have to know from the log file, how to detect warnings and errors.

This is quite simple for makeindex but I do not find any documentation on log files of xindy.

Can anyone help??


As a last resort, you can look at xindy's source code available on GitHub. In file base.lsp we find format definitions

(defparameter *nraw-error-message* "~&WARNING: ")
(defparameter *oops-error-message* "~&ERROR: ")

which, as far as I understand, means that warnings start with WARNING: and errors with ERROR: at the start of a new line (followed by the actual error message).

  • Wow, I think this is exactly what I want. For the details I direct the user to the log files (if present; if not, this counts as a severe error). – user2609605 Nov 3 '16 at 7:59

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