I am new to Latex and I am trying to generate a table for a document. I would like to have a horizontal line after the head and horizontal dashed lines between each entry. This is visible on the horrible image.

I have tried to find how to do it online but my attempt has failed, and this is why I am asking you help.

\begin{tabular}{|p{5cm}|c | c | c | c | c |}\hline%
\bfseries Variables & \bfseries Obs. & \bfseries Mean & \bfseries Std.~Dev. & \bfseries Min & \bfseries Max 
\csvreader[head to column names]{table1.csv}{}%
{\\\ \Variables & \Observations & \Mean & \StdDev & \Min & \Max}% 


Mortality rate, infant (per 1,000 live births),5506,59.33863,49.26514,1.5,223.6
Real consumption of households and government, at current PPPs,5991,204353.5,727248.7,85.18696,11500000
Rate of Urbanization,6798,0.01564,0.017847,-0.02725,0.177647
Dependency Ratio,1442,0.745555,0.184159,0.345188,1.136754
Exports of goods and services (BoP, current USD),3383,74200000000,2.08E+11,2199933,2.48E+12
Foreign direct investment, net inflows (perc. of GDP),4128,2.569829,7.098032,-58.9777,173.4499
Population in the largest city (perc. of urban population),5152,32.04351,14.89234,2.606237,100
KOF Globalization Index,4445,47.88659,19.24758,11.66,92.63
Area in sq. kms,6798,903878,1944170,316,9976139
Internal distance based on area,6798,261.8006,243.6016,6.686169,1187.996

Sorry for the drowing

  • Welcome to TeX SX! The code cannot be compiled. How do you define \Variables, \Observations and so on? – Bernard Nov 6 '16 at 13:11

The arydshln package provides a \hdashline command for adding dashed lines:

\begin{tabular}{|p{5cm}|c | c | c | c | c |}\hline%
\bfseries Variables & \bfseries Obs. & \bfseries Mean & \bfseries Std.~Dev. & \bfseries Min & \bfseries Max\\\hline
\csvreader[head to column names,
  late after line=\\\hdashline,
  late after last line=\\\hline
{\Variables & \Observations & \Mean & \StdDev & \Min & \Max}%

This gives:

enter image description here

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