I am trying to create a dotted path something like this:

\draw [dotted] (bottom) -- (top);

I would like to add fading to the path such that at the bottom its solid and at the top its 30% or 40% transparent. Other lines that intersect with my dotted line should not be transparent.

I tried this:

\draw [dotted, fading=fade north] (bottom) -- (top);

But that did not work, I have also tried this answer: Fading of horizontal lines is impossible? but I have two issues with that:

  1. The solution is not working for me, even if I start a new document and literally copy the solution over. I always see solid lines. This was an issue with my pdf viewer.

  2. I am not quite understand the concept behind that solution, what are the axis needed for and what is \addplot+ doing?

Update: While the solution in my answer below works in two cases, in two other cases I get a Latex error which says: 'Dimension too large'. All I have done was shifting the point to the right by a few centimeters.

  • You don't need any of those axis and addplot stuff. It is from pgfplots package for plotting and you don't need them – percusse Nov 7 '16 at 15:14
  • You are right, I just failed to realized that because my viewer was not showing the transparency. – lanoxx Nov 7 '16 at 15:34

The following code does render transparency (if the right viewer is used)

\coordinate (top);

\coordinate[below=10cm of top] (bottom);

\draw [red,dotted,path fading=south] (bottom) -- (top);

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