I am trying to vertically center the 'test' in the first column which is a multirow of the table. The code is as following:


  % after \\: \hline or \cline{col1-col2} \cline{col3-col4} ...
   & \textbf{Factor Name} & \textbf{Explanation} & \textbf{Rationale} \\
  \multirow{4}{*}{\rotatebox[origin=c]{90}{test}}& body1 &body2 &\multirow{2}{*}{\parbox{2in}{body3}}  \\
   & 1 & 2 \newline & \\
   & 3& 3 & \multirow{2}{*}{5}  \\
   & 6 & 7 & \\


any sample way to do it.

  • Welcome to TeX.SX! Can you please expand the code snippets that you have posted to a full minimal working example. It is much easier to help you you if we can start with some compilable code that illustrates your problem. A MWE should compile and be as small as possible to demonstrate your problem.
    – user30471
    Nov 10, 2016 at 3:13

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Since the material to the right of the first column appears to consist of 5 rows, you should write \multirow{5}{*}{...} instead of \multirow{4}{*}{...} for the material in the first column.

Incidentally, this answer assumes that the M column type is a (suitably defined) variant of the m column type that's provided by the array package.


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