I build a pdf-form with the package hyperref. I am using this form to calcualate two sums and the difference between this sums. Therefore I am using the package insdljs. Everything works fine as long as I am using number-expressions like 10.3 + 2.4 = 12.7. But this Form is supposed to be used by Germans who type number like 10,3 + 2,4 = ???. My document isn't able to accept this arguments. I already tried to change the output-format directly in the \textfield, using AFNumber_Format like this:

\begin{tabularx}{\linewidth}{|l l l l|}
\TextField[name=a1, bordercolor=yellow!30,color=blue, width=3.7cm, 
\TextField[name=e1, bordercolor=yellow!30,color=blue, width=3.7cm,
 onblur={berechne()}, format={AFNumber_Format(2,2,1,0,"",true);}]{}
{...} \\

Then I also tried to change the format at the same environment, where I defined my calculations:

function initialisiereFelder() {       
  AllFields = newarray("a1","a2","a3","a4","a6","a5","e1",e2","e3","e4",
    for (i=0; i<AllFields.length; i++) {

I don't understand, how I can use AFNumber_Format correctly. Why this command didn't work in my document? Maybe there is a easier way the solve my problem. Is it possible the change the language of the textfields to German. I am already using \usepackage[ngerman]{babel}. So the whoole document is in German, but the textfields , where I can type comment have a English spelling verification.

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