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I am trying to add biber to QuickBuild in Kile and I tried following the instructions in Configure kile and biblatex post. However, seems like the instructions are for a different version of Kile. Could someone help me understand what to include for in the blank spaces of the screenshots I've attached. Thank you!

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Under Build, I have

  • command: biber
  • options: '%S'

Under Advanced, I have

  • type: Run outside Kile
  • class: Compile
  • source extension: bcf
  • target extension: bbl
  • target file:
  • relative dir:
  • state: Editor

I don't know how many of these Advanced settings matter, but this is what I'm using.

Note that biber is in my default PATH so I do not need to specify the full path to the binary. I recommend ensuring that your TeX binaries are in your PATH even if you prefer to specify full paths in Kile.

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