I have created an unicode character in the Windows private character editor. How can this character be imported into LaTeX?


If LuaTeX or XeTeX can be used, then these symbols can be addressed. The following example uses font FontAwesome that has all its symbols in the private area:

% lualatex or xelatex

{\FA ^^^^f188} % U+F188
{\FA\symbol{"F118}} % U+F118



  • There is no point in using a Unicode character directly, because the editor program would not know, which font it would have to use to display the symbol properly.

  • In practice, these magic numbers can be hidden in macros. Package fontawesome does this:

      \faBug \faSmileO
  • Support for non-Unicode TeX compilers (pdfTeX) is much more cumbersome. Type 1 fonts need to be generated. Maximum number of slots are 256 per font. TFM font metrics and map files need to be generated.

  • I am really sorry, but I do not understand the concept completely. By now, I have created a own font with icomoon, however, I still do not know how I can insert this to my latex document. – xyz Jan 1 '17 at 20:41

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