I have created an unicode character in the Windows private character editor. How can this character be imported into LaTeX?

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If LuaTeX or XeTeX can be used, then these symbols can be addressed. The following example uses font FontAwesome that has all its symbols in the private area:

% lualatex or xelatex

{\FA ^^^^f188} % U+F188
{\FA\symbol{"F118}} % U+F118



  • There is no point in using a Unicode character directly, because the editor program would not know, which font it would have to use to display the symbol properly.

  • In practice, these magic numbers can be hidden in macros. Package fontawesome does this:

      \faBug \faSmileO
  • Support for non-Unicode TeX compilers (pdfTeX) is much more cumbersome. Type 1 fonts need to be generated. Maximum number of slots are 256 per font. TFM font metrics and map files need to be generated.

  • I am really sorry, but I do not understand the concept completely. By now, I have created a own font with icomoon, however, I still do not know how I can insert this to my latex document.
    – xyz
    Jan 1, 2017 at 20:41

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