$$  \pi(\tau|x)= \frac{ B(S_{\tau}+a,b) \,_2F_1(S_{\tau}+\tau r, S_{\tau}+a, S_{\tau}+a+b; -\frac{1}{r})}
{\sum_{\tau=1}^{n} B(S_{\tau}+a,b) \,_2F_1(S_{\tau}+\tau r, S_{\tau}+a, S_{\tau}+a+b; -\frac{1}{r})}  $$

  \times \frac{B(S_{n-\tau}+a_1,b_1) \,_2F_1(S_{n-\tau}+(n-\tau) r, S_{n-\tau}+a_1, S_{n-\tau}+a_1+b_1;  -\frac{1}{r}) }{B(S_{n-\tau}+a_1,b_1) \,_2F_1(S_{n-\tau}+(n-\tau) r, S_{n-\tau}+a_1, S_{n-\tau}+a_1+b_1;  -\frac{1}{r})}
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    What is the question? – Jack Nov 14 '16 at 12:45
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I assume, that you wish to merge both equation in one, two line equation. In this the use of package amsmath or mathtools (improved version of amsmath) and their math environments like multline, align etc are handy:

enter image description here


\usepackage{showframe}% for show page layout, in real use had to be omitted

\pi(\tau|x) = 
    \frac{B(S_{\tau}+a,b)_2 F_1(S_{\tau}+\tau r, S_{\tau}+a, S_{\tau}+a+b; -\frac{1}{r})}
          {\sum\limits_{\tau=1}^{n} B(S_{\tau}+a,b)_2 
                             F_1(S_{\tau}+\tau r, S_{\tau}+a, S_{\tau}+a+b; -\frac{1}{r})} 
    \frac{B(S_{n-\tau}+a_1,b_1)_2F_1(S_{n-\tau}+(n-\tau)r, S_{n-\tau}+a_1, S_{n-\tau}+a_1+b_1;  -\frac{1}{r}) }
        {B(S_{n-\tau}+a_1,b_1)_2F_1(S_{n-\tau}+(n-\tau)r, S_{n-\tau}+a_1, S_{n-\tau}+a_1+b_1;  -\frac{1}{r})}
\pi(\tau|x) =
    \frac{B(S_{\tau}+a,b)_2 F_1(S,\tau,r)}
          {\sum\limits_{\tau=1}^{n} B(S_{\tau}+a,b)_2 F_1(S,\tau,r)} \times
F_1(S,\tau,r)   & = F_1(S_{\tau}+\tau r,      S_{\tau}+a,     S_{\tau}+a+b;       -\frac{1}{r})\\
F_1(S,n,\tau,r) & = F_1(S_{n-\tau}+(n-\tau)r, S_{n-\tau}+a_1, S_{n-\tau}+a_1+b_1; -\frac{1}{r})     

Let mi noted, that second part of equation is equal 1 :) (or you have some error in it).

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