For coloring an area under a graph, there exist multiple approaches with pstricks.

I found a solution that was never mentioned on stack-exchange, but seems to be really simple:

\psplot[linewidth=1pt,linecolor=blue]{0.01}{5}{x log}
  \psline(3,0)(!3 dup log)
  \psplot{3}{4}{x log}
  \psline(!4 dup log)(4,0)}

However, I do not know how to adapt this example to e.g. x^2 because I do not understand what dup does. Can anybody explain it?


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You can use the algebraic notation instead:


    \psline(3,0)(*3 {log(3)})
    \psline(*4 {log(4)})(4,0)}


enter image description here


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