Im working with a tex document with a lot of references. Im using:




\hypersetup{colorlinks=true,citecolor=title,linkcolor=title,urlcolor = title}

Even so every reference has figure/table etc. in front of the numbering, by my professor thinks the references are too identical. Is there any way i can customize the references so \cref{fig:1} becomes figure 1.1 in blue, tables references becomes red, algorithm becomes bold algorithm 1.1 equation becomes with [ ], and a final reference uses a different **textsize/style**?

How to customize the references depended on what you are referring to?

  • Possibly irrelevant, but varioref should go before hyperref.
    – egreg
    Nov 15 '16 at 23:04

I would suggest using the \creflabelformat and \crefname definitions:



\creflabelformat{figure}{\color{red} \textbf{#1#2#3}}
\crefname{figure}{\color{blue} figure}{figures}
\crefrangeformat{equation}{eqs. #3[#1]#4--#5[#2]#6}



        \caption{Example image A\label{fig:fig1}}

        a^2 + b^2 = c^2


enter image description here

Here I only changed the figure and equation, I leave the table and algorithm as an exercise for you :) . More about this in section 4 of the cleverref user guide.


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