I'm writing a rather long beamer, with many sections. The toc with sections fit in a single slide, but when, at each section, I show the subsections, it gets too long and we cannot see it. I would like , at each beginning of section/subsection, to display the toc for that section only, aligned at the top.

Currently, when getting to section 4, I get, where === represents the slide limit:


1. Section1
2. Section2
3. Section3
4. Section4

  4.1 Subsection 41


  4.2 Subsection 42 (so it gets out of the slide)

5. Section5

I want to have:


4. Section4 (aligned at the top of the slide !)

  4.1 Subsection 41

  4.2 Subsection 42 

(free space here)


Even if i use sectionstyle=show/hide, subsectionstyle=show/shaded/hide, the position of the section is "remembered".



To only display the ToC of the current section, you can use







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