I have the following latex code:




it is part of Inderscience journals template (Authors biography for Inderscience journals). I am using natbib package. The bibliography used to work in the other template where the citation is numerical. When I tried to change it to author-year style it generates this error:

 ! Undefined control sequence. \harvardpreambledefs
 ! Undefined control sequence. \harvardpreambletext

I checked "mybib" file many times. I also tried to remove the items which can cause problem ( the ones containing special characters for example). I removed .aux .bib files and run again. I tried the to use \cite, \citep, \citet, but all of my attempts were unsuccessful.

Do you have any suggestion?

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    Welcome to TeX.SX. Can you show us a complete example, a minimal working example (MWE)? And probably not related to the error, but I don't think you want both the thebibliography environment and \bibliography/\bibliographystyle, you can probably remove the environment. Commented Nov 17, 2016 at 14:55
  • You seem to be mixing up two distinct approaches to creating a formatted bibliography. You can either build the bibliography entirely by hand, requiring you to type \begin{thebibliography}{10}, lots of \bibitem instructions, and \end{thebibliography}, or you can use a tool such as BibTeX to create the formatted bibliography for you. If you choose the latter method, do not under any circumstance write \begin{thebibliography}{10} and \end{thebibliography}. Instead, provide suitable \bibliographystyle and \bibliography directives. Your choice: one or the other, but not both.
    – Mico
    Commented Nov 17, 2016 at 15:36

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As the comments suggest, you don't want both the thebibliography environment and \bibliography/\bibliographystyle. So first thing I did is removing \begin{thebibliography}{10} and \end{thebibliography}.

Secondly, I downloaded the bibliography style files (.bst) from here http://www.inderscience.com/info/inauthors/author_templates.php. I installed them and I updated Miktex fndb. Suddenly, the same latex file works fine.

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