Is there a way to set a custom line spacing for the editor without changing the line spacing of the output document?

Just as I can, for example, set \screen_font_roman "Verdana" in the lyx preferences file to have the text display in a font suitable for screen-reading in the editor (without changing the output document).

Background: For texts with single line spacing (on the output side / as set in the Document properties), the text display of the LyX Editor looks a bit too crammed for my taste.


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This is, to my understanding, not currently possible. There is an open feature request for adjusting line spacing separately in output and input:

(Though this was for the opposite case, wanting less line spacing in a double-spaced document, but the principle is the same.)


You can "cheat" to obtain the desired behavior:

  1. Choose the desired line spacing for LyX in LyX.
  2. Add \usepackage{setspace} to your LyX preamble.
  3. In the beginning of your document, add a Latex code (ERT) inset with \setstretch{1}.

Then the document will compile with your LyX chosen line spacing, but in the beginning of the document switch to line spacing 1, without LyX's view changing.

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