following problem:

    \read\inputfile to \readline%



The input files contain special characters like "#", "$" and so on, as well as LaTex commands. I need to expand the LaTex commands on file read, all other special character should remain unchanged.

What I need is something like a

\detokenize{\catcode`\\=0 \readline}

which assigns all tokens except "\" a catcode of 12. Any ideas?

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    why use detokenize at all? just set the special characters to catcode 12 (eg \let\do\@makeother \dospecials would be enough) then set \\ back with \catcode`\\=0 – David Carlisle Nov 24 '16 at 8:55
  • Change the name \readline into something else, because \readline is a primitive. – egreg Nov 25 '16 at 8:48

I think that you're trying to write out a copy of some file, but with commands fully expanded.

You can do away with catchfile:

\foo{abc} #$% \foo{A}%



  \endlinechar=`^^J % when writing out, newlines will be preserved
  \catcode`\#=12 % so # makes no problem
  \catcode`\%=12 % so % is not a comment
  % maybe others





I don't think you really need other characters to be managed specially.

Here is the contents of the .out file after processing.

--abc-- #$% --A--%

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